emily saltz

Emily is an interaction designer, user researcher, creative technologist, amateur linguist, and reckless collector of job descriptors. She thinks a lot about how to make digital infrastructure more humane, accessible, and fun.

User Experience

Labels for Manipulated Media (The Partnership on AI and First Draft) - Leading user research to investigate tactics for labeling manipulated media for the public alongside PAI and First Draft.

The News Provenance Project (The New York Times R&D Lab) - Led research and design for a prototype exploring media verification for digital photojournalism, culminating in a set of best practices for surfacing photo provenance

Stockgrok (Bloomberg/CMU) - Led research for a sonic chart analysis tool for financial visualizations accessible for people with visual impairments

Toward Measuring Empathy in Virtual Reality - A qualitative user research protocol for measuring emotion in VR

Pop Up Archive - Community codesign and wireframing for podcast and radio search products

Expressive Biofeedback Chat - A pilot study exploring sharing skin conductance values through kinetic typography

CoPilot (Philips/CMU) - An iPhone app service concept to make it easy for parents, teachers and children to react in real time to environmental asthma triggers

BreatheIO Bot - A self care Slackbot to create custom breathing exercises (with gifs!)

Art & Speculative Design

Super Sad Googles (Code Societies @ SFPC) - Autocomplete populated by crowdcourced "sad" google searches

Filter Bubble Roulette (Winner of Mozilla's Reality Redrawn Challenge) - An experience to inhabit user-specific social media feeds based on volumetric video interviews with a range of New Yorkers. Exhibited at the Tech Museum of Innovation

Close (but not too close) - An interactive installation using depth-sensors to explore the concept of proxemics with a virtual figure

Into the Mode - A web simulation of an early mode-based text editor which explores an alternate history of computer-based text editing

Slavic Vintage Illustration Mashups - Vector recreations and collages of found vintage Soviet print designs

Talks & Workshops

Neither Her Nor Hal - Considering Access and Representation in the Next Generation of Speech Technology at Processing Community Day in Los Angeles (2019)

New Frontiers in the Sonification of Financial Data - A presentation of Bloomberg/CMU accessibility user research and design at the CSUN Assistive Tech Conference (2017)

Podcast Search API: Audiosear.ch - Presented Audiosear.ch podcast search API at the Collab/Space San Francisco meetup hosted by KQED and Mediashift (2015)


Speech Recognition for Media: It’s Not All About Accuracy (PBS Mediashift) - A call for publishers to consider the benefits of imperfect machine-generated transcripts

Potato is a Mass Noun - My newsletter about language, life, and technology

Popcast by Pop Up Archive - Script editing and creative direction for found sound podcast with stories ranging from 1904 wax cylinder songs to NASA's interstellar rumbles

Using Speech Technology for Political Analysis (Medium) - In this project the Pop Up Archive team took a look at how text analysis tools could bring insight about the speech patterns and key topics during an especially crowded Oakland mayoral race

Prototyping With Data: Visualizing Environmental Triggers Of Asthma (Medium) - A blog post about exploratory data visualization of asthma triggers for an asthma service design interface

What are the Top Challenges Facing Audio in 2015? (Medium, PBS Mediashift) - A two-part collection of quotes from podcast and radio influencers surveying challenges facing spoken word audio in the digital landscape, created in collaboration with Anne Wootton


Morse Striker (Google Creative Lab/Adaptive Design) - A spy-themed soccer game developed with a student with motor and visual diabilities

Amviewlate (ArchHacks Health Tech @ WashU) - Voice-activated augmented reality guide for Parkinson's Disease

Voxanon (Come and Play Audio Hackathon) - VoxAnon is a platform for submitting anonymous audio stories with the ability to use vocal filters to change their voice to share their story anonymously, or to modify their voice for fun

A-to-V (Open Audio Weekend from The Moth & NYPL) - A-to-V is a tool for users to upload their oral history audio collections onto a searchable map